Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Princess Caroline does not Pass the Sniff Test

Princess Caroline Kennedy is arrogantly positioning herself as New York state's next Senator just because her rum-running grandfather managed to turn the ill-gotten gains he made with the mafia from violating Prohibition liquor laws to

1) buy a Congressional, Senatorial, and then Presidential chair for Caroline's dead dad John F. Kennedy;

2) and then before JFK lost his head, her dead dad managed to appoint Caroline's dead uncle Robert F. Kennedy to be Attorney General; RFK then turned the national mourning over his brother's exploded head into annointing himself as New York's Senator; and,

3) Teddy Kenendy managed to turn family money and his brother's bogus Presidential office into a lifelong appointment at age 32 to be the Senator from Massachusetts.

Only bleeding heart liberals from New York and Massachusetts would put up with this insane family's shenanigans for this long.

Caroline we get it:
your dad JFK got shot in the head;
your mother's Jackie O's lungs rotted out from too many Virginia Slims;
your uncle got shot to death by a wacky Pakistani;
your brother JFK Jr. drove his plane into the ocean after he had a flashback from all the heroion he did on 116th Street in the 80s;
your other uncle Teddy killed his girlfriend and his brain is currently rotting away with brain cancer and hopefully that fat bastard Teddy will be dead soon.

We get it, Caroline: you are a Kennedy and you are cursed!
But we don't give a damn!

You are a complete idiot which you have proven continuously as your gums have flapped and nothing but "you know, um, you know, Obama, you know, Kennedy" has come out.
You are a dumb airhead.
You only got accepted to Harvard and Columbia as a legacy.
You have no merit on your own.
You are dumb, dumb, dumb.
Now go away, and stop bothering us.
Enough is enough with Caroline though.
No Princess Caroline! Um, you know, um, you are stupid Caroline!

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